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IDEAQU is a leading software technology developer pioneering the way with innovative mobility and cloud-based technology services and innovative products. IDEAQU delivers transparent and flexible software technology services and its innovative product platform to a broad range of clients from various industries.
IDEAQU are experts in delivering high-quality aspiring software development with user-centric design and utlising leading technologies encompassing mobility, big data analytics, geo-location engagement, social media, e-payments and POS, autonomous processing, AI and machine learning, cloud infrastructure, and complex integration.

In today’s world, organisations are facing challenges in developing a persuasive mobile strategy due to ever growing popularity and adoption of smartphones, apps, web platforms and delivery channels.

With a significant skilled engineering team and expertise across multiple technologies, we can help you strategise, plan, design, build and harness the disruptive potential of mobile devices and the internet.


Transforming ideas through innovation and technology.

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Design, Innovate, Develop, Test and Launch.

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New Generation Mobility Cloud-Based Payment Platform for Business

Product Platform
Smart Business

Product Platform


We work with technology from Web, Cloud Infrastructure, Mobile Operating Systems, Secure Payment Devices, Stored Value Card Platforms, 3rd Party System Integrations, Location-based systems, Internet of Things and Hardware Components to innovate the way business and enterprise manage transactions – end to end.
Simplifying business with technology, all seamlessly secured from the cloud. Cloud Mobility is the technology to connect.

Smart Business

Smart Businesses innovate with Smart ideas and Next Generation Technology. We enable business to grow in an ever-changing tech landscape.
We provide an world-first enterprise software platform, customised to enable business enterprises to innovate through business strategy. Our platform provides a sophisticated cloud-based transaction engine, 3rd party system integration into banks, accounting & ERP systems, location-based and advertising software, mobility workforce tools, cloud-based customer & user portals and market facing mobile applications. Improved collaboration between employees, management, products, customers and consumers. To engage in smarter relationships, more aligned and more aware. We turn technology innovation into reality.
Design, Innovate, Develop, Test and Launch! It is Smart Business, to innovate with Smart ideas.

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